First things first, Royal Enfield offers a range of cruisers at different price points, each of which has unique and distinct features. But which Enfield is the right one for you?

Consider the various criteria which could affect your buying decision, and our staff at Rudraa motors will gladly help you to research and purchase the perfect RE for you.

Traditional or Trendy?

Royal Enfield has options which are cult favourites and reminiscent of the designs of the past, for the RE fanboys and those who adore the age-old design. Hand painted with stripes, the bullet, is a statement that will never die out. And on the other end of the spectrum, there are the newest Thunderbird X series, which are yet to launch. In between, are an array of other models, the Classic, the thunderbird, the Himalayan, all of which are unique in their appearance and specifications. Rudraa Motors offers a number of interesting variants, which differ from model to model, as well as a few special editions which appeal to individual preferences.

Commuter or road tripper?

Royal enfield 500 Chennai, Royal enfield 500 Anna nagar

The next criteria to consider would be the usage of the motorcycle. If commuting within city limits is the ultimate requirement, Rudraa Motors offers motorcycles that best cater to this. Similarly, there are Enfields which makes road trips and off-the-road ride a delightful experience. Factors such as motorcycle cost, mileage, all vary within the brand. Clients at Rudraa motors will be given complete details on every model, the pros and cons, to make an informed decision in order to purchase the best motorcycle.


Royal Enfield offers motorcycles in a variety of price ranges and specifications to suit every motorcycle buyer’s wants. At Rudraa motors, we offer premium RE brand motorcycles and each model available offers different features at varying prices. Information and suggestions on the best bike for you, in terms of cost, as well as usage preferences will be given to enable customers to make an informed purchase. There is an Enfield for every budget and quality is assured with your every purchase at Rudraa Motors.


Royal enfield thunderbird Arumbakkam, Royal enfield Himalayan Chennai

Safety is of the highest priority, so purchasing a helmet to go with your motorcycle is the smart buyers’ decision. Royal Enfield has a range of helmets in different colours and sizes to suit individual preferences. To further ensure the safety of every ride, it is also advisable to invest in riding gloves, boots and padded jackets. Beginners should definitely go the extra mile when it comes to protection, though seasoned riders, who regularly ride long-distance, will also hugely benefit from the extra layers of protection.

Test Ride

Before buying the motorcycle, always make sure to test ride it. This gives an understanding of the comfort, ride quality, and a taste of what life with the motorcycle would be like. A test ride will also further give assurance on the choice of motorcycle and helps narrow down on the perfect Royal Enfield. Rudraa motors clearly gives information on cost, process and apt model to the customer to ensure fair and transparent transactions.

Insurance and loans

This is another aspect of importance to consider before buying a motorcycle. Make sure to consider all options, with regards to loans, we, at Rudraa motors, can offer insight on the same.

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Now, that all the considerations have been clarified, it’s time to take the first step in buying your own Royal Enfield, by visiting Rudraa motors, 2195, Plot no AF-88, 4th avenue, Shanthi colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600040. Call Us on: +91-44-26288888, +91-755022601