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On the occasion of the 72nd Independence day, Rudraa Motors was part of a morning ride to celebrate the occasion. This ride had participants of Royal Enfield owners from all over Chennai. The bikers all assembled at different Royal Enfield showrooms around the city and took a scenic and eventful ride together to Esthell Resorts, Mahabalipuram.

All the riders, geared up in helmets, gloves, riding jackets gathered at the various RE showrooms. From there, they began their journey, in great spirits, full of enthusiasm. There were over 250 riders in attendance for the event, and they lit up the early morning roads with their headlights.

Rudraa motors had the privilege of offering all its customers specially designed t-shirts, and stood apart from the other riders. The ride was a jolly and peaceful one. The early morning roads were quite free and noise free, and the breeze along the beach while cruising down the ECR were truly memorable.

The combined sound of the groups of RE riders and the multiplied dug-dug-dug surely made heads turn to witness the bikers, in their element, as they enjoyed the ride. Clad in RE gear and confident in their pace, it was not long before the destination arrived.

At the resort, the National Anthem was sung as the flag was hoisted and the riders stood upright, proud in their stance at having completed the short road trip and united by the memories that Independence Day of our country evoked in them. It was truly a sight to witness, the bikers in their gear, together in celebrating the occasion.

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The resort provided a fine breakfast feast and the riders, tired from the ride, enjoyed a hearty meal. The bikers enjoyed their day at the resort and soon, it was time to head back.

Everyone rode back home, happy and content about the day well spent. The Independence Day ride was a huge success and Rudraa motors is immensely proud to have been a part of the event.

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